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If you are an employer looking for staff, then please see how to post vacancies.


Three steps to a new job in business aviation

If you are flight crew, cabin crew or ground staff in operations, administration and maintenance, and you are looking for a new career opportunity in the business aviation sector, then EBAN can help.

1. Browse the vacancies

Add your CV to be matched against these current vacancies: ----- Private Jet - Open Application (Switzerland) ----- Crew Falcon 20 (Morocco) ----- Crew Falcon 10 (Morocco)

2. Create an online CV

Create an online CV by choosing the appropriate job category from the choices below. Your details will be matched to all vacancies, not just those listed on this page.

To update or delete a CV created previously, log in at the top of this page.


Ground services

Traffic, operations, crewing, performance, route planning or passenger services.

Flight crew

Training captain, command, pilot, co-pilot or flight engineer.

Cabin crew

Flight attendants: First class, number one, trainer, corporate/vip or management.


Commercial, sales, finance, marketing, IT, personnel or management.


Licenced engineers for airframe, engines and avionics.

3. Receive weekly updates

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